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Who we are:

H2O Azerbaijan - is a water purifying company based in Baku, Azerbaijan. We use state of the art technology to deliver pure drinking water directly to our customers.

Water not only hydrates the body, but also provides essential minerals. Since the body cannot produce these required minerals we have to consume them via food and drink every day. Clean water therefore, is the main and most essential ingredient for a modern and healthy lifestyle. H2O Azerbaijan is devoted to supply the best quality drinking water that is not only good for you, but tastes great too!

We extract water from the Qax–Gabala region and artesian water from the Absheron peninsula to create a premium product called «H2O Water». Established in 2017 H2O Azerbaijan has the advantage of applying only the newest and most innovative European technologies to deliver a premium quality product to the market at a competitive price.

«H2O Water» comes in 19 liter bottles that are compatible with all common water dispenser systems. Our product can be served at room temperature, icy cold or boiling hot.

By request we also provide other container sizes, such as 1 l., 0.7 l., 0.5 l. or 0.33 l. bottles.

Our services include a wide range of water dispensers as well as technical maintenance, cleaning and sanitization for water dispensers through our trained staff.


«H2O Water» is neither chemically nor thermally treated, in order to maintain the fresh taste and natural touch of the water.

We only apply physical water purification technologies using reverse osmosis machinery. A multiple level filtration system utilizes quartz and charcoal filters that soften the water and prepare it for the subsequent mineralization. This production step blends magnesium, sodium, calcium (along with other minerals) as a well as silver ions into the water to achieve better taste and quality.

Regarding packaging we decided against PET bottles because of their potential health hazards. Instead we only use polycarbonate bottles to retain the purity and taste of the water. The whole production process is automated to ensure a safe, hygienic and reliable production cycle.

Quality Control:

H2O Azerbaijan meets drinking water requirements of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is approved to be a certificated product.

In addition our quality standards have been established in accordance with the international water manufacturing guidelines.

We care about the excellence of our product. Therefore, our in-house quality control is not only approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan and AzStand, Azerbaijan’s Executive Committee for Standardization and Technical Regulations, but also by independent external laboratories and international auditing.

In order to gain international recognition we are cooperating closely with certification institutions. It is our aim to be known as industry professionals in providing the highest quality water to the market.

Production capability:

Strategy of our company is to service customers according to their needs and deliver our product on time when and where it is needed. You can either place a one-off order via phone/email/website client or choose one of our scheduled delivery service plans with attractive terms and discounts.

Production capacity of the H2O Azerbaijan facility is currently 1200 units 19L bottles per day. The vision of our company however, is to produce customer orders in slots on demand. Thus, we can always guarantee to deliver freshly purified and bottled water.

*Please check our Terms & Services for details.

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